Jun, 2019
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20% OFF : Father`s Day Super Promo Sale
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Jun, 2019
Rega Planar 1 from Mililani, Hawaii
Mahalo for feedback Matt ! :-)
Rega Planar 1 from Mililani, Hawaii

A TangoSpinnerized Rega Planar 1 from Mililani, Hawaii / United States... "Mahalo" for feedback Matt ! 

"Aloha, Gus! I received the package today and just finished installing everything. I checked the speed using the Turntabulator iPhone app at both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. In both cases the speed was "exact" within 20 seconds. 
Thank you for your great products, quick responses, and the free belt upgrade! I also have a Rega RP6 which is fine now but, at some point in the future, if I decide to upgrade I will definitely use your products.
Aloha and mahalo"

TangoSpinner product:

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JUN, 2019
Sounds amazing
Rega P3-24 form Perth, Australia.
Sounds amazing
"Gidday mate. My order arrived yesterday. All complete and easy as to put together. Sounds amazing. Thank you."


Rega model: P3-24
TangoSpinner parts:
Canaro kit with Brass Premium Pulley.
Vhl Bearing Sleeve
Cachafaz III Feet Set
Record Clamp (Weight model)
Jun, 2019
More customers feedback
A full TangoSpinnerized RP3 fom Hedel, The Netherlands
More customers feedback
"I've been listening a lot of vinyls last couple of days. Thanks to your upgrades the sound improved so much, expecially the subplatter upgrade makes a huge difference. 
I wanna thanks you again for producing these great upgrades for really fair prices, fast shipping and the great personal contact!! Many company's can learn a lot from your kindness and costumer service!! 
I will do my best to spread the word of Tangospinner! "

Thanks Geert ! :-)

TangoSpinner Products: DELRIN PLATTER, CANARO UPGRADE KIT (Astor Subplatter, Zirconia ball Bearing, Brass Premium Pulley, Silicone Belts), WEIGHT record clamp.
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