Oct, 2017
TangoSpinner Holiday Sale
Many thanks to all our dear clients for having trusted, once again, in TangoSpinner.
TangoSpinner Holiday Sale
All orders will be dispatched this week and, as a special bonus, each dispatch will be made using the DHL GM Parcels system. This will ensure a more efficient process in everything related to international deliveries.
Sep, 2017
VHL 12 or 18 mm Bearing Sleeves: Special offer !
Available for only $44.99 additional with TANGOSPINNER SUBPLATER or UPGRADE KITS online orders !
VHL 12 or 18 mm Bearing Sleeves: Special offer !

While our Webmaster updates our website and listings, I am happy to notify that for only $ 44.99 additional, our customers will be able to add to SUBPLATERS or UPGRADE KITS orders, 1 unit of our acclaimed Vesconite Hi-Lube Bearing Sleeves (12 or 18 mm diameter)
This add-on will have no additional shipping charges.
Customers who choose this offer, please let us know that in the "comments" field of your online Order Form and we will send you an additional "Paypal payment request" for that amount.
As an additional advantage, customers will receive Subplatter assembled into the bearing sleeve and incluiding zirconia ball. The entire assemblage will be received completely lubricated from Tangospinner factory!


Sep, 2017
TangoSpinner Holidays Sale
Dates modifications
TangoSpinner Holidays Sale

Due to flight cancellations regarding IRMA hurricane, some dates were modified. So, TANGOSPINNER.COM online orders placed from Sep. 7th 08.00 AM to Sep 30th 08.00 AM will be shipped around OCT 4th.... and they will have a 10% discount at every list prices !! Take advantage of that, just enter holidays at coupon field to redeem your discount.

- Feel free to contact with questions or comments during that period, anyway consider that we will be having limited access to email and social networks, so don`t worry in case of slight delays for reply.



Set, 2017
IRMA Hurricane
Latest News about TangoSpinner service.
IRMA Hurricane
Dear Customers, 

Due to the publicly known situation of Hurricane Irma that affects the entire state of Florida,
flights from Argentina to that destination were suspended until further notice.
For this reason the export of parcels globalmail will be affected.
Likewise, USPS delays are foreseen in domestic deliveries and parcels that have to be internationally connected.
Additionally, due to the same situation, our vacations are now starting a couple days later,
so orders placed during this current weekend could be shipped between MON 11/TUE 12
We will keep you informed about further news

Our prayers are with all those good people and nations who were or will be affected by this catastrophe.
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