Feb, 2018
A TangoSpinnerized Planar 3 with more focused sound and less sibilance
More feedback from our Dear Customers: Thanks Claudio (BA) !
A TangoSpinnerized Planar 3 with more focused sound and less sibilance
"Hi Gustavo ! Already installed and now playing. I´m testing now and in first place I´m listening a more focused sound and I´m pleasantly surprised since upgarde has diminished the problem of sibilance that in many discs was very difficult to solve, even realigning the cartridge. So I have nothing but good news from here. Thanks again."

(Original in Spanish)
"Hola Gustavo, ya lo instalé y está funcionando. Estoy haciendo pruebas y en principio se nota un sonido mas enfocado. Estoy gratamente sorprendido ya que ha disminuido el problema de sibilancia que en muchos discos era muy dificil de solucionar, incluso realineando la cápsula. Asi que no tengo mas que buenas noticias desde aqui. Una vez mas, gracias."

Thanks Claudio! (from Buenos Aires)
Rega model: Planar 3
Upgrade parts: 33/45 Brass Pulley, Red Silicone Belt, Astor Subplatter.
Jan, 2018
TangoSpinner Summer Vacations PREORDER SALE !
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TangoSpinner Summer Vacations PREORDER SALE !
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Jan, 2018
TangoSpinner January Sale.
The best valued upgrade parts for REGA (R) turntables. Valid until January 19th 11:59 PM Argentina Time (-3 GMT)
TangoSpinner January Sale.

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Dec, 2017
A tangospinnerized Planar 3 (2016) from LEICHLINGEN Deutschland
Danke Achim !
A tangospinnerized Planar 3 (2016) from LEICHLINGEN Deutschland
Hello Gus my friend, rega P3-2016 is (nearly) finished. Sounds great :))) Your kit feels good, looks good and sounds good. Overall more control, precision and DETAIL. The dual pulley nails it. Fantastic. Your kit is worth every cent! Highly recommended. Send you some pics. Thank you for all your support. Have a great time.

Rega Turntable Model: 2016 Planar 3

TangoSpinner Upgrade Parts: 
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