March, 2019
Bienvenido NEEDLE.CL a la famiia de representantes TANGOSPINNER

Noticias muy interesantes para nuestros amigos y seguidores de Chile: A partir de esta semana, la prestigiosa empresa NEEDLE, representante oficial de REGA y otras marcas de audio de primera línea en la hermana república de Chile, es también representante de TangoSpinner a través de todos sus canales de venta online y tiendas Barrio Italia, Parque Arauco, Bellas Artes y Drugstore. Queremos agradecer entonces al personal de NEEDLE.CL y particularmente a su director Sr. Francisco Martinez Ferrer, la confianza e interés en nuestros productos.

Very interesting news for our friends and followers of Chile: From this week, NEEDLE, the prestigious company that´s official representative of REGA and other leading audio brands at Chile, is also TangoSpinner representative through all their online sales channels and stores Barrio Italia, Parque Arauco, Bellas Artes and Drugstore. We would like to thank the staff of NEEDLE and particularly director Mr. Francisco Martinez Ferrer, for trusting and interest about TangoSpinner upgrade parts.


March, 2019
TangoSpinner Customer Service Feedback
Thank you Maurice and Val
TangoSpinner Customer Service Feedback

Let me share with you some recent feedback regarding TangoSpinner Customer Service: Thank you Maurice and Val !

"As has always been my experience, Gustavo's customer support was exemplary!" (Val, Kentucky / USA)
"Gus, I would also like to say that you have offered the best customer service that I have ever received. Truly remarkable attention to detail as customer service with you is not just a corporate concept or company department name up on a wall so a big thank you." (Maurice, California / USA)

Tangospinner.com "The best valued upgrade parts for Rega (TM) turntables"

March, 2019
Long Holiday Weekend in Argentina
Shipping dates
Long Holiday Weekend in Argentina
Due to the long holiday weekend in Argentina, our first business day after Friday, March 1st 
will be Wednesday, March 6th. Therefore these days there might be a slight modification
(between 24 and 48 hours) at usual shipping dates.
In case you have any questions or queries regarding your order, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.

Feb, 2019
Sounds great and speed stability is excellent
Thanks Gregory! (Oswego, NY / United States of America)
Sounds great and speed stability is excellent
"Thank you very much! I received the package yesterday. The entire process only took about 10 minutes. I have an acrylic base for the table, that includes a small circular cup. The motor fits into the acrylic cup and is decoupled from the plinth. So access to the motor was quite easy. The only slightly tricky part was getting the height and distance of the pully correct in relation the aluminum platter. Bottom line, both double pulley and belts are working perfectly. Sounds great and speed stability is excellent. I'll check and reset the speed after belts have had some time to settle in. A couple of photos of the underside are attached."

Tangospinner items: BRASS PREMIUM PULLEY Speed: 33.3/33.3 Height: 11 mm
Turntable: Rega P3 with 24V motor upgrade. Neo 60Hz power supply
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