Feb, 2019
 I was truly blown away at what I heard
Thanks for feedback, John! (Kenosha, Wisconsin / United States)
I was truly blown away at what I heard
"Dear Gus,
I received the order for the Tangospinner parts.
The installation went great. NO problems at all. 

Using one of my favorite Lp recordings : Pat Metheny Group, Still Life Talking. I was truly blown away at what I heard. The noise floor dropped dramatically. The imaging and sound stage was huge and I heard little things I never heard before. The bass was was clean. It sounded like the Double Bass was right in front of me. I listened to all this through headphones. Sennheiser 598. Cant wait to run it through my speakers soon. 
I went back to the original plastic Rega sub platter just to make sure I was hearing things correctly and well your sub platter is amazing. 
Brand New Life to my Planar 3. 
Thanks so much. Great product, great delivery. Very Happy customer. 
Have a great day

TangoSpinner Parts: PUGLIESE 33/45 UPGRADE KIT
Rega Planar 3 original version

Thank you John !!

Feb, 2019
Back in BA City !
Your Vacations-Sale orders are now being processed
Back in BA City !
Back from our holidays and with reloaded batteries (although we already miss a little the placidity of the Uruguayan beaches :-D ) we wanted to thank all of you for the support and the good reception that you have given to our "vacations promo sale".
Now we are at full steam processing orders that will be collected by the mail service, mostly, between Wednesday 13rd and Friday 15th, leaving only a few orders for Monday 18th.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. As always, it will be a pleasure for us to help you!
Jan, 2019
TangoSpinner Vacations Sale!
10 off at list prices!
TangoSpinner Vacations Sale!
-We will take summer vacations next week... we need that indeed ! :-) , anyway don´t hesitate to contact during those days, and we´ll be delighted to support.

-Last January parcels will be dispatched on FRIDAY 1st. So, we´ll be taking orders normally until today, THURSDAY 31st 11:59 AM Argentina Time. So... hurry ! :-)

-Then, every online orders placed between Jan 31st 11.59 AM and Feb 8th will be shipped around FEB 13th/14th.... and they will have a 10% discount at every list prices !! How ? Just enter "2019vacations" at coupon field to redeem your discount.

Hope you like the news !

Jan, 2019
My Rega sounds wonderful now
Thank you Doug ! (Torrance, CA / United States)
My Rega sounds wonderful now
"My Rega sounds wonderful now, and that subplatter is beautiful. Thank you for all your help and patience. Now I have my eyes on those adjustable feet."
Thank you Doug ! (Torrance, CA / United States)
Rega Turntable: P3 2019
TangoSpinner parts: ASTOR SUBPLATTER, VHLBS for new models, OPAL silicone belt.
"The best valued upgrade parts for Rega (tm) Turntables"
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