MEDEROS SUBPLATTER. Now incluiding one FREE Ceramic Zirconia Ball Bearing !

MEDEROS SUBPLATTER: Metal Subplatter with Butyl Grip

PRICE: $96.99

Registered postage wordlwide: $27.90

Replace your cheap stock resin subplatter. Out high performance subplatters are atwo piece precision assembly with the following features:

  • 316L Stainless steel axle and spindle.
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum hub.
  • Gripping butyl rings placed on hub and on the contact area between spindle and the plate center hole. This gripping silicon rings act like anti friction elements too, avoiding marks and general damage to clear transparent acrilic platters due to metal-plastic contact during:
    • Platter spinning
    • 33/45 Speed change operation.
  • An extended stainless steel spindle that allows the user to use clamps.
  • Low coefficient of friction between bearing surfaces.
  • Now incluiding one FREE Ceramic Zirconia Ball Bearing !
  • Free butyl belt included.
Note: Due to IATA regulations, oils cannot be included at international parcels, so for TangoSpinner products lubrication we reccomend semisynthetic SAE15W50 or simmilar oils.

Maximum height oscillation at the edge of an original Rega platter = 0.15 mm