Astor model subplatter (11.5 mm hub height) with silicone isolator decoupling stages.
Installation kit (belt, and Stainless Steel ball bearing)
For Rega P1, RP1, P2, P3-24, Planar 2(original version & 2016 version), Planar 3 (original version & 2016 version), Planar 5, Planar 25.
For Any Rega model that work with a standard height (11.5 mm) subplatter and a MDF fiber, resin, glass, acrylic or Delrin (r) platter.

ASTOR SUBPLATTER: Metal Subplatter with Silicone Decoupling Stages (includes belt and Stainless Steel Ball Bearing)

PRICE: $99.99

Registered postage wordlwide: $27.90


Optional Set Upgrades

The precision assembly of this sub-platter integrates ideal components into a single sub-platter design which is not available anywhere else: polished aircraft grade aluminium hub (6061-T6 grade aluminium) with low carbon stainless steel extended spindle (316L stainless steel) and a dual silicone inserting at hub and spindle as a wide and efficient isolator, decoupling stages and, of course, to have a perfect platter gripping.

  • Low coefficient of friction between bearing surfaces.
  • Extended stainless steel spindle.
  • Now including one FREE Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
  • Free butyl belt included.
Enjoy your vinyl listenings with...
  • Less distortion.
  • A dramatic dropping at background noise.
  • Increased soundstage.
  • Improved pitching.
Note: Due to IATA regulations, oils cannot be included at international parcels, so for TangoSpinner products lubrication we recommend semisynthetic SAE15W50 or similar oils.

Maximum height oscillation at the edge of an original Rega platter = 0.05 mm or 0.002 inches