Troilo model subplatter (17.5 mm hub height) with red silicone (or black EPDM) isolator decoupling stages
Installation kit (silicone belt, ceramic zirconia ball bearing)
Optimal for glass, acrylic or Delrin platters.
For Rega RP6 with TTPSU and 2017 Planar 6

TROILO SUBPLATTER: Metal Subplatter with Silicone Decoupling Stages for RP6 and 2017 Planar 6 Rega turntables

PRICE: $109.99

Registered postage wordlwide: $28.90


Decoupling stage/belt and terminal tip

The precision assembly of this sub-platter integrates ideal components into a single sub-platter design which is not available anywhere else – polished aircraft grade aluminium hub (6061-T6 grade aluminium) with low carbon stainless steel extended spindle (316L stainless steel) and dual silicone belts to grip the platter and isolate it from vibration.

Use of this single precision assembly sub-platter will enhance the already excellent performance of your Rega RP6  and 2017 Planar 6, in a number of areas:


  • The diameter of the polished aircraft grade aluminium hub is controlled with better precision than the injection moulded plastic Rega hub (bottom part of 2 piece original sub-platter), for enhanced speed stability / timing.

  • The design of this single piece “hub” is the same height as the combined Rega two piece sub-platter, but allows other upgrades. Dual pulley and silicone belts can be fitted with this sub-platter, which enhances speed stability even more for better dynamics (this can’t be done with the plastic Rega sub-platter).

Note: we also supply dual pulleys and belts for this.


  • The dual silicone rings grip and protect the platter (no metal to glass or metal to plastic contact – if you use a different platter) to cause scratches or wear.


  • The silicone rings isolate the platter from unwanted bearing vibration – lowering the noise floor.
  • Optional Auto-lubricated flat VHL terminal ending.
  • Hardened steel shaft and matchingprecision ball bearing lower noise floor and will not wear after 8,000 hours use (a life time!). 


  • The extended low carbon high tensile steel shaft enables a wide range of record clamp and stabilisers to be used – which further enhance the sound quality.

High Precision tolerances are applied during the manufacture of this sub-platter to ensure low coefficient of friction in use.

This sub-platter is supplied as a kit which includes:

  • RP6 subplatter as shown in the pictures
  • Instructions on how to “swap” over the sub-platters
  • High quality silicone belt
  • Now incluiding one FREE Ceramic Zirconia Ball Bearing !
Note: Due to IATA regulations, oils cannot be included at international parcels, so for TangoSpinner products lubrication we reccomend semisynthetic SAE15W50 or simmilar oils.

This item can be ordered opcionally with black EPDM inserts and black EPDM belt and Vesconite Hi-Lube terminal tip.

This design has been tested by the INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial - Bs. As. / Argentina).

With deepest thanks to our friend Mr Paul Smith.

Note: Due to IATA regulations, oils cannot be included in international parcels, so for TangoSpinner products lubrication we recommend semisynthetic SAE15W50 or similar oils.