VHL High performance Bearing Sleeve

VHL Bearing Sleeve: Vesconite Hilube bearing sleeves for Rega Turntables

PRICE: $69.99

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Displaying superior wear life, even in poorly lubricated and/or dirty conditions, Vesconite Hilube has been shown to offer up to ten times the life of bronze parts. Vesconite Hilube incorporates an internal lubricant that translates into an exceptionally low friction coefficient. Combined with excellent dimensional stability, low wear rates and a high load-bearing capacity. Hilube has a PV rating (pressure x velocity) even better than other more expensive termopolymers.
The VHL bearing sleeve includes its own knurled nut.

Note: Due to IATA regulations, oils cannot be included at international parcels, so for TangoSpinner products lubrication we reccomend semisynthetic SAE15W50 or simmilar oils.